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I have experience in providing supervision and reflective practice for individuals and groups of practitioners and professionals including: counsellors, art therapists, teachers, pastoral staff and middle to senior managers for schools in Bristol. I have extensive experience of working in education and a comprehensive understanding of the pressures and demands of working within these organisational settings and systems. I have supervised counsellors of children and young people for counselling and mental health organisations in Bristol. I have also completed advanced safeguarding training with the Bristol City Safeguarding Board.


In addition to providing supervision for CYP counsellors, I also provide supervision for counsellors with adult clients. I have experience of working with counsellors in training as well as qualified and more experienced counsellors. Having worked as a counselling trainer, I have a good understanding of the challenges faced by counsellors in training and hope to provide support and teaching as well as a compassionate and encouraging foundation upon which you can develop confidence and trust in your own approach as a counsellor. Whatever your level of training or experience, as counsellors we all value having the space and support provided by our supervisors where we can reflect on our work and gain clearer perspectives on our clients' experiences and needs. Being a counsellor can be extremely rewarding, we are afforded such privilege and trust in witnessing our clients' journeys of personal growth. It can also be challenging and as practitioners we must take care of our own needs and well-being to prevent vicarious trauma and burnout. As a supervisor part of my role is to support you with growing your awareness around your own needs as a practitioner.


I have experience in multi-disciplinary supervision, which means working with practitioners from a variety of modalities, so no matter which theoretical approach you take, I respect and trust in your own capabilities, knowledge, skills and experience. One aspect of working in this field I love the most, is that whether we are the counsellor or the supervisor, we are constantly learning and developing as practitioners and my aim is to help facilitate this process.